Yes! I want my free copy of the international bestseller The Biohacker's Guide to
Upgraded Energy (limited supply)
"I Work With World Class Athletes,
Models, Physique Competitors, Corporations, and Soccer Moms.

Michelle Grano
Hey Anthony, I owe you a great deal for introducing me to this world of nutrition and gut health. I had never even heard of SIBO till we worked together, and I never would have started taking my gut health seriously if it weren't for you. Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And, one day, when I get a higher paying job (poor writer) I would LOVE to work with you again. Again, thank you so much.
Guy Arad
Congratulations Guy Arad you're a rockstar! Guy is the health and fitness expert behind Suspension Abs Solution and he wanted to biohack a few aspects of his nutrition together to help him lean out. He's now 43 years old, has six pack abs, and, biologically, feels 20 years younger.
Joe & Ashley's Dream Wedding
  • Wanted to both be in best shape of their lives for the wedding.
  • Thanked me for helping them to have their dream wedding in Cabo, San Lucas.
  • Ask me questions related.
Emmy's Issue
  • Carried weight in her hips, thighs, and butt.
  • Metabolism was slowing down as she approached 30.
  • She was eating foods she thoughts were healthy that were keeping her from losing weight.
  • Helped spiked her metabolism and get rid of unwanted fat in trouble spots.
  • Toned and tigthen her entire body.
Rebecca's Story
  • Single mother of 3 (two young boys and a little girl)
  • On food stamps.
  • Invested the last of her money in the program because she "had to make a change". Told me she had literally no money for groceries, so we had to work with what she had in the house.
  • Lost 60+ lbs, and still going strong.
Little Nikko's Success Story
  • 11 years old and overweight. Made fun of at school, didn't have any real friends.
  • Lost 35 lbs!
  • Started playing basketball and working out.
  • Made a ton of new friends.
  • Now he "Loves his life" and he inspires other kids in school and on social media to live healthy lives.
Woody's Issue
  • Wanted to build lean muscle while burning fat
  • Symptoms of low testosterone
  • Built him a customized nutrition, body recomposition, strength & conditioning program
  • At 34, he is in an amazing shape with six pack abs.
Kathleen's Issue
  • Struggled with cravings for sugar and sweets.
  • Digestive issues, swelling, bloating, and discomfort.
  • Healed her gut with natural antimicrobials and herbal botanicals.
  • More confidence and self-control.
  • Now she's as toned and in shape as she was in college (Divison 1 swimmer)
Ellen's Issue
  • Hypothyroid & Menopausal
  • On wrong medications
  • Added natural supplements to support her thyroid and hormonal health.
  • Changed her medications (with doctor's approval)
  • Within DAYS she had more energy and had lost weight (which hadn't happened for YEARS)
Lauren's Issue
  • Couldn't get rid of those "last 10 lbs"
  • Pains, aches, tightness, stiffness
  • Symptoms of early Fibromyalgia
  • Brain fog & Difficulty concentrating
  • Improved mitochondrial function
  • Addressed genetic variations that made her more susceptible to low ATP (energy)
  • In her 40's she's in the best shape of her life
Everte Farnell
I just wanted to drop a you a quick note and say THANK YOU!!  
Just as a reminder, because I know we haven't talked much recently, I for 13 years I gained weight. It didn't matter if I sprinted, lifted weights, ate right...nothing I did made a difference. I got fatter every year. 
Fatter to the tune of 130lbs fatter! (I was 220 when all of this started.)
Doctors didn't help, clinics didn't help, trainers didn't help...
Hell I even gained 20 pounds my first 6 weeks in CrossFit. (And blew out my knees in the process!)
Then 4 months ago I spent an hour filling out an online evaluation and 3 hours on Skype and you identify that my problem is low grade food allergies. I cut out the most common allergens and I drop weight as easily as dropping a sack of rocks.
Now, just 4 months later and I'm 50 lbs down from my max weight 350lbs, which I was at when I found you and asked for help.
I had resigned myself to being fat, and now all of a sudden diet and exercise is working perfectly and easily, like everyone said it should work!
And the best part is, I'm not the most disciplined person in the world. I don't stick to the program 100%. It truly doesn't take some sort of iron will to follow your recommendations.
Just a desire to live longer, smile more, be happier, and healthier. Pretty low threshold of desire really! lol
Seriously man, thank you so much. I know you've increased my time on this rock and increased my vitality while I'm here. I feel like a completely different man today than I did just a few months ago.
You're awesome!
Everte Farnell
As you probably know already, I’ve been working with a health coach since January 1st. I realized that even though I talked a lot about health… my progressed was stalling, and I needed someone way smarter than me keeping me accountable and motivated.
The reason I love Anthony DiClementi so much is that he’s relentless, and a darn smart health detective. About 3 weeks ago, he helped me confirm that I have 16-inches parasites (called “ropeworms”) in my gut that are feasting on my nutrients, and making my body toxic. Gross, I know, but it’s a real relief to pinpoint what’s going wrong in your body.
But before I move on to the whole story of how Anthony helped me find out that I’m dealing with serious invaders, he told me that he’s ready to take on a few more clients.
There’s no hard-pitching or fake scarcity here. Anthony can only take a handful of new clients at a time, and gives them a ton of personal attention.
His customized 1-on-1 health coaching is definitely NOT for everyone (you need to be ready to make real changes with your diets, supplements, and lifestyle), and is honestly not the cheapest service either… but it works. Anthony knows more about health than 99% of medical doctors, and is an expert in biohacking, healthy & sustainable fat loss, exercise, functional medicine and everything else in-between.
I personally had amazing success working with him, and if that resonates with you I know you will too. Just fill the questionnaire at the link below and Anthony will get in touch:
Alright, now let’s move on to the story -- and I’ll try to give you the short version.
April 2014: I suffer from incredible fatigue, brain fog, erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate, hypoglycemia and dry skin -- all at 26 years old. I don’t know what’s going on, and my MAP test shows that I’m aging like a 53 year old man.
January 2015: I go through a parasite cleanse based on garlic supplements and start feeling much better. Another MAP test confirms that my health is improving fast, as my liver and kidneys work hard to rid my body from years of accumulated toxins.
September 2015: While running our online business from Thailand, Gen and I have way too much on our plates and work 12-hour days. I start drinking coffee again, and my health declines rapidly. I realize that my adrenal glands are still every weak and that falling into adrenal fatigue again is just around the corner.
September 2015: While running our online business from Thailand, Gen and I have way too much on our plates and work 12-hour days. I start drinking coffee again, and my health declines rapidly. I realize that my adrenal glands are still every weak and that falling into adrenal fatigue again is just around the corner.
January 2016: I start working with Anthony. After a few questionnaires, he starts by putting me on a strict elimination diet, and I start taking specific nutrients for the back and neck pain that just won’t go away even with my Sitting Solution exercises, foam rolling or anything else.
A couple of weeks later, Anthony tells me that there’s something slowing me down. Probably parasites.
(If you are sensitive to graphic pictures, please skip the rest of this email.)
The reason he tells me that is that no matter how much I eat, my body still shows signs of nutrient deficiencies. The neck pain, occasional teeth grinding at night and weak adrenals even after years of focused effort are all red flags too.
May 2016: Five days after doing the very popular parasite cleanse called “Hulda Clark’s Gallbladder and Liver Flush”, I find these bad boys in my stools…
(You’ve been warned!)
(This one is 16 inches long, but they can get up to 1 meter long -- 40 inches -- according to what I could find...)
This is a small fraction of the parasites that came out within a couple of days. Their look and characteristics correspond perfectly to the “ropeworms” parasites identified by Dr. Gubarev and Dr. Volinsky in 2013.
These are actual worms, not something else out of my imagination. On a parasite cleanse community website, I saw a video of these worms ALIVE.
I’m so glad that Anthony pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and find out that my body is being invaded by these nasty parasites. Now, I know where to focus my energy and money towards -- getting rid of these suckers.
I’ll keep you updated. I can admit that the more I learn about health, the more I see tremendous value in having a coach that guides you along the way. Removes a long of trial and error that might last for years before you figure things out on your own.
If you want to get in touch with Anthony (pressure-free), click here.
Have a great Monday, and sorry for the graphic stuff today.
I had dropped to 154 lbs and I had a path forward. I started to have more energy. At the end of the first month, my weight was 140 lbs.  Physically my complexion and skin have improved. My muscles recover faster from my workouts compared to several days of being sore. At the end of the second month, my weight was 135 lbs. I have energy again. I enjoy working out (strength and running) again and my sleeping is better. I do not feel exhausted when I wake up. I look forward to everyday and everyday is an adventure.
Krisinda Gibson, Oregon
 I have lost 20 lbs, gained a ton of energy, am sleeping so much better and enjoying life...but I have learned to be present, enjoy the little things, and have found a peace that surpasses all understanding. I love taking care of myself & I'm finally able to do that and not feel guilty. I can't put a price tag on what you've helped me accomplish. Thank you for everything!!!
Abbie Fellenstein, Geneva, OH
I have lost 86 pounds. I feel so much better and much more healthy. My favorite part is being a member of Biohacking Secrets. I have enjoyed chatting, listening, and sharing with other Biohacking Secrets sisters and brothers and Coach Anthony. The education and knowledge is awesome and nonstop. 
Cheryl Zaso, Virginia
We just celebrated our 25th anniversary. FYI - I weigh 6 pounds less than the day we were married! BIG THANKS to Anthony for his part in my journey!
Pam Farmer, California
Since starting Anthony's Health Blueprint, I've lost 80 lbs. I feel great! I've changed my eating habits and the way I look at and prepare my meals. I eat to live, not live to eat. Thank you. The Health Blueprint has changed my life. 
Bill Knurowski, Kildeer, IL
Anthony's coaching helped me get to the rootof my problems. I'm so much happier and I can finally say I have a great relationship with my body. The guy's like a modern day Einstein when it's comes to getting in shape and creating a happier, healthier life!
Aldrich Telan, Mesa AZ
I’ve lost 50 pounds and I’m feeling great, I have a ton more energy, and my mood is much better. The Health Blueprint program is awesome. I feel amazing!
Michael Cooper, Chicago IL
Following The Social Life Fat Loss System like a madman. I’m down a total of 31lbs. Went from a 36 to a 32. large tee to Medium (for the most part) and 15% BMI to 8.1%. Thank you!
Josh Appelbaum, Milwaukee WI
Since following The Social Life Fat Loss System, I have lowered my body fat percentage while increasing my energy. My immune system is stronger and it has put an end to my allergies and menstrual cramps as well.
Cheryl Fitzgerald, Chicago IL
I started The Social Life Fat Loss System on Halloween and lost 25 pounds before Christmas! I’m amped to keep rockin’ this new lifestyle.

Sheila Sprovieri,
Chicago IL
Using this program I was able to lose 12 pounds in less than a week and it was a huge motivator for me to continue with the full Social Life Fat Loss System.
Dipo Phillips, Chicago, IL
I have followed The Health Blueprint programs for over year now. Thank you so much for coming up with this program. I have never LOOKED or FELT better than I do now at age 38. It is truly changed my life!
Angelo Kleros
I was actually able to lose 3.5 pounds in 4 days is incredible…once I could see it working I knew I could do this. And that was a really empowering feeling. It’s so easy and the results come so fast! That was the best part.
Bonnie Fahy, New York NY
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